The Evolllution – How Small, Private Online Courses Are Taking On MOOCs for Corporate Supremacy

The corporate training market is large, competitive and immensely promising for education providers who can stand out and serve the needs of the space. Colleges and universities have been competing with non-institutional education providers for years, but as MOOC providers begin to turn their attention here, the potential for online learning in the corporate education space is becoming increasingly clear. In this interview, Liz-Ann Gayle and Idris Croft reflect on the High-Impact Online Programs (HiOPs) they are developing to compete in the corporate learning market and share their insights on how online learning is changing the space.

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Adobe – Learn how digital literacy can elevate your institution

In today’s workplace, digital literacy is essential. But teaching and learning has to go beyond access to basic tools. Students must learn to apply digital resources to creatively solve problems, produce innovative projects, and enhance communication — so they can prepare for a career in any field. Download our latest guide, Growing Digital, and find out how you can cultivate digital literacy on your campus.

Education Dive – 3 years ago, President Obama first proposed making community college tuition free. Here’s where we now stand.

From Education Dive – When it first took off early in the Obama administration, free community college proposals drew a lot of concern from traditional four-year institutions, which are increasingly tuition-reliant, as leaders wondered how plans to pull students away for the first two years would impact their bottom lines. In some places, like Dallas, for instance, four-year institutions are actually partnering with two-year institutions and the K-12 system to make the push for a Promise program. 

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