2CPR Group co-founder Sean Glumace was a special guest at the Gaming and Industry Symposium held during Gamacon 2017. Held August 18-20 at the World Trade Center in Tijuana, BC Mexico, Gamacon is an initiative to boost the video games, animation, and creative media development industry in Mexico.
The event included speakers from Telltale Games, Technicolor, Hyperkinetic Studios, and other entertainment companies from around the world.
Sean presented on Industry Credentials: Pathways from Education into the Creative Workforce and how educators, industry, and students can integrate credentials into their programs.

GAMACON is a platform for all those who are interested in geek culture, for both students and developers, adding cultural activities such as COSPLAY, COVER DANCE, VIDEOGAMES, Trading Card Games, EXHIBIT ALLEY, ARTIST ALLEY, SPECIAL GUESTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD are here! For more information visit: http://www.gamacon.mx/

Gamacon 2017 Tabloide Conferencistas