From Education Drive – Most educators realize that the most effective way to teach a subject is through hands-on learning in a situation that helps students see the relevance of the material to their lives. In many ways, modern auto shop classes offer this because the practical knowledge is valuable to every student who plans to own a car. This valuable information may also draw some students to a greater understanding of the complex STEM knowledge needed to build a modern automobile and may lead others to a lucrative career. The expansion of the “new shop class” idea is part of a trend that connects the needs of the workplace with general education.

recent survey conducted by the Amgen Foundation and Change the Equation revealed that most students prefer to learn this way. “Students on STEM: More Hands-on, Real-World Experiences” reveals that students want more tangible learning opportunities and that “common teaching methods, such as teaching from the textbook, are less engaging than hands-on learning methods.” The challenge, of course, is that such methods are often more costly and harder to implement, especially in a group setting.

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