From Education Dive – A 2016 report by Education Trust entitled “Meandering Toward Graduation: Transcript Outcomes of High School Graduates” states stated that, “Over and over again, educators and policymakers alike mouth the mantra: ALL kids ready for college and careers. But there remains a giant gulf between that rhetoric and the reality of today’s high school graduates. Among recent graduates, fewer than 1 in 10 have taken a foundational set of courses they’d need to be both college- and career-ready. And almost half completed neither a college-prep nor a career-prep course sequence.”In a rapidly-shifting and future-oriented job market, schools need to do a better job of preparing students for what lies ahead. While many high-paying jobs still require college degrees, technical skills and experience are more highly-prized than ever. That is why many companies are seeing the age-old concept of apprenticeships, which is working well in Europe today, as a solution to finding qualified employees. This is also often a solution for students, as well, because it allows them to get the skills and education they need without as much college debt.

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