From CTE Policy Watch – Advance CTE has a new resource to help states assess and strengthen their policy for approving new CTE programs of study. The CTE Program Approval Policy Benchmark Tooldescribes elements of an effective state program approval policy and provides an assessment rubric that state leaders can use to identify gaps in their current policy. The tool then guides users through questions to help them prioritize next steps and areas of improvement, with potential criteria for program evaluation and re-approval

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Advance CTE members can access an additional Facilitation Guide, with guidance for conducting a self-assessment process within a state leadership team.

This valuable tool will help state leaders create an effective policy for CTE program approval. On the ground, individual programs of study can take advantage of ACTE’s Quality CTE Program of Study Framework, a comprehensive, research-based set of criteria addressing 12 elements of a high-quality CTE program of study. The ACTE quality framework elements and criteria are designed to apply to single, local CTE programs of study spanning secondary and postsecondary education and can be used for self-evaluation and program improvement, as well as to encourage secondary-postsecondary collaboration. The draft framework will be pilot tested this fall, and ACTE will be developing related tools as the framework is finalized.