From CTE Policy Watch – ACTE has published a new resource you can use to help your local business partners engage in advocacy efforts in support of CTE. The guide provides a three-step process that will help business leaders establish and grow their relationships with policymakers. While the guide is geared toward congressional advocacy, it can similarly be applied to state and local advocacy efforts.

Click Here: A Business Leader’s Guide to Congressional CTE Advocacy

Increasingly, policymakers value the connection between education and employment. Highlighting successful industry efforts to partner with CTE programs will make a considerable impact on policymakers as they consider their legislative and funding priorities. Policymakers also appreciate hearing about issues that business and industry face. By highlighting workforce challenges and proposing CTE as the solution, business leaders can help grow support for CTE programs. However, for many local businesses, congressional advocacy may be a new endeavor. ACTE created the guide in an effort to help make the process easier and more accessible for the business leaders that work with CTE programs.

Please share the guide with your business partners! Together, through effective advocacy, we can help to make the CTE ecosystem even stronger.