CTE Policy Watch – ACTE has updated its Sector Sheet on CTE’s role in developing the information technology (IT) workforce with the latest on labor market demand, talent shortages and exemplary CTE programs.  

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Demand in IT is continuing, with a 12-percent increase in employment projected through 2024. Forty-one percent of U.S. tech firms are actively seeking to fill positions, but face challenges finding workers with the right skills. There is a particular need for cybersecurity professionals as well as for expertise in cloud and mobile technology, big data and Internet-connected devices. In addition, there are many non-technical occupations within the sector.

CTE program are rising to meet this challenge. For instance, at the Cybersecurity Networking Academy at the Applications and Research Laboratory—Howard County, Maryland’s area CTE center—students learn to analyze and mitigate cyber threats related to hardware, software, operating systems and networking through National CyberWatch Center and Cisco-certified curricula. On the postsecondary level, Miami Dade College’s Health IT program prepares individuals to accurately translate and record complex patient data into multiple electronic formats. About 87 percent of 2014 graduates had a related job within six months of graduation