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Education Dive – One-third of nation’s best high school students don’t finish college

From Education Dive – The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforceestimated that one-third of nation’s top-performing high school students do not obtain a college degree, though nearly all of these students attempt college. However, top-scoring students tend to graduate at a rate of more than 80% when attending a selective institution, according to the center. 

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Education Dive – 3 years ago, President Obama first proposed making community college tuition free. Here’s where we now stand.

From Education Dive – When it first took off early in the Obama administration, free community college proposals drew a lot of concern from traditional four-year institutions, which are increasingly tuition-reliant, as leaders wondered how plans to pull students away for the first two years would impact their bottom lines. In some places, like Dallas, for instance, four-year institutions are actually partnering with two-year institutions and the K-12 system to make the push for a Promise program. 

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CTE Policy Watch – ACTE Launches High-quality CTE Framework Pilot Test

From CTE Policy Watch – We are excited to announce the launch of ACTE’s High-Quality CTE Program of Study Framework pilot test! After tremendous input and numerous revisions to our underlying Framework, we are ready to move to the next step of ACTE’s High-quality CTE Initiative. This phase of the initiative is a pilot test of the Framework’s validity and utility when used in program self-evaluation, and we hope you can participate!  

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Education Drive – Online course enrollments continue to grow

Both the new data regarding online course  and increased student enrollment at universities are strong signs of online education’s growing influence. There’s hope that online education will solve some of higher education’s big entrenched problems of high costs, limited access and sagging degree completion.

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Education Dive – Missouri to tie 10% of higher ed funding to school performance

From Education Dive – Missouri’s Coordinating Board for Higher Education this week unanimously approved a measure to tie 10% of state funding to school performance, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. Board members hope the move will serve as a good faith demonstration to elected officials they’re being “good stewards” of state money while also improving the quality of higher education in the state.

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