One of the initiatives that 2CPR Group helps support is the California Film & Television Tax Credit Program 2.0 – Career Readiness Initiative. Over the past year we have connected our K-12 and Community College clients with the program and helped facilitate on set externships on multiple productions.

(l-r) June Bayha from Bayha Group, instructor John Hoist from Newport Harbor High School, and Sean Glumace from 2CPR Group

Read an article about the program and interviews with our instructors:

We are committed to connecting industry and the classroom across all pathways, and this program has become a model of what can be done when everyone works together.

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All applicants  in the CA Film & TV Tax Credit program must participate in career based learning and training programs approved by the CFC. To meet this requirement, applicants may choose a method of participation from the list below.

A. PAID INTERNSHIP: Provide to students enrolled in an accredited high school or community college 3 paid internship positions for a minimum of 75 hours each or a combination of internships with a minimum of 75 hours per student and a total 225 hours. Internship experience should include working with professionals in the film industry and hands-on work assignments. Note: Interns must be 18 years of age or older. Any productions utilizing interns in technical craft positions need to notify the applicable union representative prior to the start of the internship.

B. CLASSROOM WORKSHOP: Provide to students enrolled in an accredited high school or community college a minimum of eight (8) hours of classroom workshops or demonstrations on aspects of the film industry, including set operations, post-production, and specific technical crafts conducted by entertainment industry professionals.

C. STUDIO EMPLOYMENT AND PROFESSIONAL SKILLS TOUR: Provide to students, enrolled in an accredited high school or community college, a minimum of eight (8) hours of studio employment and professionals skills tour, which may include set visit and/or set construction, wardrobe department, art department and editorial department.

D. FACULTY EXTERNSHIP: Provide a minimum of eight (8) hours of continuing education for educators and/or faculty to observe the set operations, post-production and other specialized departments.

E. FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION: Make a financial contribution to a specific local educational agency or higher education institution specializing in arts, media, and entertainment career oriented programs. Financial contribution based on .25% of the estimated tax credit reservation, with a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $12,000 (more may be contributed, if desired).